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Tasly Kasly Money Making Business Opportunity In Nigeria

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The ’Positive Change’ team is inviting you to the TASLY MONEY-MAKING OPPORTUNITIES


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Fighting Poverty and Joblessness; Discouraging and Eliminating Financial Crimes; Creating Lasting Wealth and Prosperity.


You will learn how to make it big in this business within a very short period of time.




Dear friend,
Before you go on reading this amazing business opportunity, there is one thing I would like you to do, kindly answer the following questions:
Do you want a REAL part time business that will generate massive and consistent income for you?
Do you want to be under the wing of  experts with excellent and innovative training ability?
Do you want to chop weeks or even months off the learning process so you can hit the ground running, and start profitable risk FREE business fast?
Are you tired of waisting your time spending countless hours shifting through information trying to figure out what is trash and what is not?
You cannot afford to be left out on this Hot-New Business Opportunity you are about reading.
Thousands of people are simultaneously reading this life changing information, Don’t delay your registration after reading and understanding the business, this will enable you secure a top position as we spread new members for quick and maximum income for active members.
By taking action now, you might be one of the 10 Millionaires within our team within the next two years.
Now read the information with open mind! People make thousands of Dollars in cash doing this business.
Don’t be skeptical when you read that many people have made and are still making N2.5m and above monthly on part time basis doing this business here in Nigeria. This is because N2.5m might be very huge amount of money here in Nigeria, but considering the fact that this MLM Company that offers this business opportunity is an International Company that pays and calculate their income and commission in dollars, you will agree with me that N2m (about $15,000) is what many Americans and Europeans make just in one week.
But unfortunately this businees opportunity is not for everyone. The only people who are qualified to do this business are:
  1. People who derives joy in helping others to grow
  2. People who can learn and duplicate proven system that works
  3. People who attached excellent importance to financial free future and sound health 
  4. People who are willing to work hard for  few hours a week on this proven system . 
  5. People who enjoy working once and making money over and over again
  6. People who are leaders that says “I can do it”  instead of wishing things would get better
  7. People who have an open mind to listen to new opportunities before they discount them
If you fall within the above mentioned categories of people, I see no reason why you will not EARN OUTRAGEOUS EXTRAL INCOME through this business.
Tasly group was founded on May 10th, 1994. It is located at Beichen hi-tech park, Tianjin, China and occupies 170,000 square meters. It is a well-known Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise including scientific research and development, production and marketing.
Focusing on general health products, Tasly has extended its business to five more categories including herb plantation, health products, cosmetics, health liquor, agricultural products and new types of packaging on the basis of it’s powerful pharmaceutical R&D.
Since its establishment 12 years ago, Tasly has regarded hi-tech as the core of the development, market as the guide and quality as the safeguard. Tasly group has grown up at amazing speed, and now it has become one of the 14 largest enterprise in Tianjin.
Tasly has devoted itself to the modernization of TCM through industrialization, standardization and internationalization.
Tasly group came into Nigeria mid 2005 and now fast growing at alarming rate in the country’s NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES, because of three major reason.
  1. The efficacy, good quality and innovations of their products and Organisation.
  2. The amazing money making opportunities provided by the company, the best so far.
  3. The excellent benefit of easy growth with the best paying/marketing plans provided by the company to their distributors.
Tasly product includes
  1. Very effective (Herbal, bee and propolies series ) health products
  2. Tremendous personal care products e.g cosmetics, soap, Sanitory towel etc
  3. Powerful heath care equipments e.g massager, blood circulatory diagnostic machine, and house hold equipements e.g rice cooker
  4. Seasonal decourations e.g Xmas trees of various sizes.
You will find out more about the products when you attends one of the free Tasly business seminars (in your area), which I will later on introduce to you.
You may ask yourself why over twenty million people all over the world are attached to the Tasly group as affiliate members.
This is because of the following:
  1. Quality and efficacy of their products.
  2. Mind blowing moneymaking opportunities they offer.
  3. Easy growth of affiliates opportunity ranking
  4. Financial freedom plus the flexibility of time management
  5. Having fun with improved lifestyle and helping others
  6. The personal development and recognition opportunity
  7. Free dreamed car, trip abroad and house of your own.
There are three major ways, in which you can make money from Tasly Company.
  • By registering as an affiliate member of this group to become a distributor of their hot selling products. In this case you will get the product at distributor prices and earn immediate 20% profit from each of the products you buy or sell. Tasly products are necessity and need filling products in the society and ones tried will always want more of it. The profit you make from selling Tasly products is enough to make you smile to the bank regularly.
  • Another means of making massive, residual and passive income from Tasly group is by referring other people to register as Tasly affiliate member and you earn from between 5%-45% commission from every purchases they make from Tasly.
  • Also you can open a diagnostic center of your own with the blood circulatory diagnostic machine which electronically detects ailment and you prescribe products for it’s cure. People will rush your center for patronage and you will be making tonnes of money from here.
Do you derive joy in loving and helping others?
Then buy and use the products on your own see how it perfectly work on your health style, then inform others to try it too, nobody will see the efficacy of the product and not request for more, that’s it.
Your ability to help your friends, and loved ones by telling them to use this product which they actually need to live a healthier and longer life puts money into your purse regularly as long as they keep using the product, because they will eventually becomes regular user of the products and even tell others about it.
When your friends now introduce others who use the products and these set of people refer other so on and so forth till infinity, you will have hundreds, even thousands of people who will become regular user of the products from your initial effort.
Guess what! You will be earning regular income from all these thousands of people on regular basis, which means even if you don’t work again you will be smilling to the bank 24/7, even while you are away on vacation.
This turns to:
  1. linear income
  2. passive income
  3. residual income
  4. free thank you gift of cash, car, trip abroad and a dreamed home.
This is why millions of people and me personally embrace this business. When you register under our team we will provide you proves of those who have and still eaning over $4,000 dollar each month for you to see and also those who received the free thank you compensation of $10,000.00 in November 2006 they are living testimony. You care to meet and hear from the horse’s mouth? feel free to register today.
Would you like to work for a few months? And the short-term effort yields money to you forever, even when you pass on to the other world, your children continues to reap from your today’s effort.
Now think about it….. millionaire in other businesses invests millions of Naira and still work hard for so many years before attaining the status of a millionaire, but Tasly distributors just need to work hard for few years with the invested capital fully returned almost immediately to attain the millionaire status.
Here is an opportunity to start a business that guarantees your becoming a millionaire in 3years, or less if you follow the proven strategy at your disposal under POSITIVE CHANGE TEAM.
It is easy if you can develop the right attitude and mind set for achieving success through Tasly network marketing.
What’s this mindset?
Lets look at it this way, you have chronic joint  pain on your legs and find it difficult to walk without leaping for instance.  After several years of abortive medication, you finally bump into a food supplement (noto giseng) that completely cured the pain and you started walking normally within a few days of application of the product. You quickly went to the producer with your testimony and offer to help them distribute this magic-wonder pains solution.
After reaching agreement with the producer, you move out, with the excitement and tell your friends and loved ones about this amazing Company that produce the medication that cures your pain and return your normal walking life.
What do you think they will do on seeing the evidence of what you are telling them?  Of course, they will like to use the company's other products.  And when they buy, you get commission from the company.
Or wait… what if they want to buy and you tell them that the price of this suppliment is N3000 and that you can show them how to get it at N2,700 and even make more money from it?
Sound dumb doesn’t it?  First of all the person will see you as a very different and caring someone who wants the best for him, just because you are making him buy at a reduced price instead of the price he has agreed to pay.
You now tell him that he can become a distributor, which authorizes him to buy the product at any time at a distributorship price of  N2,700 and also introduce it to others to earn good commission.
When they buy and used the product, they go out and tell their friends and love ones about it and those ones buys too and so on.  The more all these goes on at your back, you earn commission over and over again.
If you understand network business this way, you’ll not find it difficult to succeed in it.
But you might ask “what is then the difference between Tasly networking and other network business”?  After all every network businesses everywhere requires you to buy product and refer people to join before you could earn commission.
Yes… but wait … Tasly network business is different in all ramifications –
  1. Other network businesses will not pay your commission if you do not buy and sell products worth the stipulated amount every month even when your commission is huge, tasly’s monthly purchase is not high and if you can’t make it they will pay you your commission less the stipulated monthly purchase and send you the product.
  2. While other network demands that you must keep reffering or register people every month before commission is paid. Tasly group says “just refer or register only five people in your life time and earn commission forever.
  3. When you get to certain level, tasly group sponsor your trip to various part of the world to enjoy new adventure in business.
  4. Tasly commission and compensation plan is EXCELLENT  compare to other network in Nigeria NOW. You can earn as much as 45% commission and still enjoy the fast growing award of $10,000. and lot more.
There are five amazing ways through which you can earn in Tasly Group Network Business:
  • Retail profit:   Earn 20% on all purchases as a distributor.
  • Direct bonus:  Earn 5%-45% on all own purchases as a distributor using you unique distributor ID number.
  • Indirect bonus: Earn 0%-45% on all purchases  downline ( the people whom you  registered) as distributors using you unique distributor ID number.
  • Leadership bonus: Earn 0%-3.5% commission from the group value of all distributors with the same status as you globally.
  • Health * award: group business volume of Africa market with other presidential award owners.
Beside all these mouth watering income, you can still receive the breath–taken, unthinkable gift (special awards)
        $10,000 Fast development awards, if you reach ITM level within 12months of registering.
        International touring seminar award.
        Brand new custom made Mercedes benz
        Luxurious villa constructed in your name
Sounds too good to be true?
It’s amazing, there is power in network marketing. It’s one of the fastest guaranteed ways of getting rich on a part time basis if you work hard.
Step 1
To register as a distributor you must fill the registration form signed by the person who introduced you.
To get the form to enable you register send a mail immediately asking for the form, it will be forwarded to you print out the form, fill it correctly then scan and send it back to
To become an authenticated registration distributor, ordered for the tasly business kit valued $20. That authomatically qualifies you to become a certified distributor of Tasly's hot selling products.  At this level you are qualified to buy products at distributor's price and earn the retail profit of 20% on all product purchased and sponsor others to become members.
With this you will receive the following:
  • Corporate Business Manual with the following content:
  •    1) Corporate profile
  •    2) Products guide
  •    3) Marketing/Paying plan
  •    4) Rules and regulations
  •    5) Organizer for your business  
  • A vcd on tasly company as a whole
  • Distributor chest tag
  • An ID card
You can pay the equivalent amount of  $20 (N2,600.00)
First Atlatic Bank PLC (any branch)
Account Name:   Sulaimon Moshood
Account No:        0802-365-9772
UBA Plc (any branch)
Account Name:   Sulaimon Moshood   
Account No:   148-000-138-566-99
Adeola Hopewell branch.
After payment send a mail notifying me of your payment with the following info:
Your full Name
Your phone No
Your full address:
The name and branch of bank you paid into
The amount paid, the voucher number and the date you pay
Thousands of people are reading this mail as you are now, If you Join Now you will be Positioned for Profit in this Hot New Opportunity and your success will be virtually Guaranteed. Everyone who Joins Tomorrow will be Placed under those who Joined Today

This is a Most Unique Opportunity because you can join TASLY GROUP  for only $20 (N2,600.00) and take a F'ree Ride by referring four people and then start generating a MASSIVE INCOME in just a few months, Not years!

BOTTOM LINE: The sooner you get in, the more people that will be automatically placed below you and the sooner you'll be on your way out of the rat race and on to retirement!

Please call me and I will be happy to personally answer any questions you may have and assist you in getting started. We'll work together for our Mutual SUCCESS!

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you Today.
Call Me!  and let's Profit Together!