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We are independent distributors of Tasly World (Nigeria) Co. Ltd, a company dedicated to research and production of natural health enhancement products. 

We are pleased to introduce a range of our safe and effective health enhancement products to you, especially the fully automated Blood and Energy Circulatory Massager. Others are natural food supplements of various types, herbal soap, herbal sanitary pad, beauty products, gifts items like rice cooker, xmas trees etc. 

These products are guaranteed to improve your health and that of the members of your family and even your staff, and thus increase their productivity. Of course, this means more income for your organization.

Tasly Kasly is a global direct selling institute wholly owned by China. The Company was established in 1994 and now operates in over 30 countries, Nigeria inclusive. Her services of natural health maintenance culture will greatly upgrade the quality of life of your life and increase your life expectancy.

Tasly products cannot harm your health in any way because there have been no known side effects in their use. In fact, they are so effective that you will begin to feel wellness in your body after a little use of any of the products.

An attestation to this is the approval and registration of Tasly products by NAFDAC of Nigeria, SFDA OF China, International Organization for Standardization, and quality management system by SGS.

As earlier mentioned, Tasly Kasly offers a wide range of quality products that rejuvenate your body and help you maintain sound health. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Very effective natural food supplements will prevent deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body. They also increase essential nutrients in your body and help your body regenerate new cells continuously.
  1. Tremendous personal care products (e.g. cosmetics, soap, detoxifier, sanitary pads)
  1. Powerful health care and kitchen equipments e.g. Massager of various types and Rice/Beans/Yam/Soup cooker, Electronic diagnostic machine with prescription ability gives you specific and accurate report of your health at the touch of a button, any hour of the day.
  1. Quality handsets that will connect easily to any network, no matter your location. The prices of these handsets are unbelievably low, despite the high quality.
  1. Botanical medicine protects your vital organs (liver, kidney spleen and stomach) from infections and damaging effects of pollution. The over-processed diets that have been embraced by humans today introduce large deposits of toxin into the body system. The anti-oxidants in this medicine cleans up your entire system.

We assure you of our best and prompt attention at all times and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you,

Thank you for your anticipated patronage

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